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Pamper Treatments

The Perfect Packages

Indulgence - Time to relaxGuinot aromatic 1 hour facial, eyelash tint, eyebrow trim, manicure


Pampering - Time to pamper
This relaxing treatment has been created especially for you. The treatment consists of pedicure, followed by manicure.


Blissful - Time to chill
A delightful Spa pedicure, Diamond micro dermabrassion facial, eyebrow wax and eyelash tint.


Bridal Package - Time to prepare

Full body spray tan
Shellac French polish for handsFrench file & paint for the toes

Trail makeup for hen party & finally make up using 'bare minerals' on wedding morning.

(Payment required in advance.)


Two’s company - Time to share
Create the time to spend together and enjoy a quality experience. A spa pedicure including nail art and afterwards relax with an essential facial. This is designed for two people, friends, partners or mothers & daughter


Child’s Party Package
Nail art for fingers and toes




For more than 40 years, GUINOT's mission has been to make women more beautiful using exclusive and innovative beauty care methods. Their formulas are at the leading edge of beauty expertise.
The company prides themselves on individual skincare programmes.
Bespoke beauty ….Hydradermie, an exceptional treatment that helps  deliver radiant skin, is at the heart of the Guinot experience. The Hydraderm machine’s gentle combination of galvanic and high frequency currents results in skin that’s cleansed, refined and revitalised.

Essential Facial
Luxurious 30 minute facial to rehydrate and nourish tired complexions 


Hydradermie Treatments


The Star Treatment

Double the ionisation - double the effects of the original

Hydradermie is an exclusive Guinot treatment that will make your skin youthful and radiant, from the very first treatment. This unique innovation enables fast and deep penetration of ionised treatment ingredients, resulting in exceptional effectiveness. Your face will appear rested and luminous with a subtle glow. With this beauty treatment once a month, your face will be radiant all year long. Hydradermie now achieves double ionisation with double the results.


Hydradermie Lift
Course of 3
The ‘Immediate Lift’ Treatment

Hydradermie Lift brings revolutionary youthfulness and renewed tone by stimulating the facial muscles and providing a massage that lifts the facial features. This treatment lift’s the facial muscles in just a few sessions... without injections! Also smoothes facial features deep down through muscular exercise. Skin becomes amazingly smoother. From the very first session, your face will look .


Hydradermie Lift Express
Course of 6 (taken at 2 per week)
High-tech lifting treatment

Ideal for clients who want a quick treatment. The treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation and muscle stimulation


More Facials

Aromatic Facial
Beauty Care with Essence Oils
The unique, personalised treatment method combines the benefits of essential oils with massaging techniques to fill your skin with energy and provide a long-lasting effect. Concluding with an Aromatic mask your skin will recover its natural radiance.  It is an ideal pick-me-up experience


Beauté Neuve
Course of 3
Double peeling Facial
The “peeling” treatment removes dull skin cells, letting the glow of new cells shine through. The fruit acids facial enhances a natural glow and lightening to the skin. One treatment will restore a radiant complexion, while a course of three will reduce pigmentation marks on the skin, eliminating excess dead cells and allowing the skin to breath again. Cellular renewal is accelerated, revealing a more youthful and radiant complexion.


Liftosome Facial      Rejuvenating-Lifting treatment

Liftosome is a treatment completely dedicated to the firmness and youthfulness of the skin, due to the key active ingredient: Pro Collagen Concentrate. As well as the modelling effect of the Thermolift Mask. It redefines the skin and tightens the features, and recreates the youthfulness and firmness of your face by diminishing signs of ageing. The treatment furthermore restores radiance and vitality.


Hydraclean  facial

The Hydraclean Facial uses a warm Electrode which gives you glowing skin in just 30 minutes. This treatment designed to cleanse the face paying particular attention to the T-zone.
The 30-minute treatment combines Deep Cleansing and a relaxing massage, leaving the skin clear and radiant.
The skin is clearer with noticeable results. It is able to breathe.



Micro dermabrassion facial
Course of 6 

Resurfacing is a technique for moving the top most layer of skin leaving it supple and vibrant. This is done by gently exfoliating with natural diamond chips, while at the same time vacuuming the dead skin dead skin cells away. This leaves a smoother texture and promotes a healthy growth of new skin cells. Ideal treatment for: Sun damaged skin

  • Age spots Reduction of acne scarring
  • Extraction of blackheads and whiteheads
  • Hyper pigmentation reduction

Diamond & Peel



Body Treatments


Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
Full Body Massage
Indian Head Massage 


Doctor’s clinic

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Dr Mark Hamilton is our in-house medical practitioner who comes to our salon on a regular basis. Dr Hamilton is a fully qualified surgeon who can administer treatments such as – Botox, Restylane, Hydrafill and many other facial fillers. For further details or to make an appointment please telephone us on 028 82251555 where we will be only too happy to answer any queries you might have.

The ideal area to treat cosmetically is the deep frown creases between the eyebrows and the bridge of the nose. The forehead wrinkle areas (worry lines) and ‘Crow’s Feet’ also work well. Small injections through a very fine needle are given just below the skin. This blocks nerve impulses to the expression muscles, relaxing them and effectively putting them to sleep, always temporary; never permanent – for a period of 3 – 4 months (The hibernation period). Good Results are obtained after a single treatment, but occasionally miner adjustments are needed as a top-up. Patients on their second and subsequent visits usually find the effects last longer. The correct injection technique ensures that the substance does not pass into the blood stream or travel within the body. It does not cause any long term damage to the body.

If you would like to view some of Dr Hamilton's work and see some of his interviews please log onto - www.hamiltonfaceclinic.com

Beauty Parties 

We can cater for large groups who need a little time out or pampering. This can be held during the day or night, bring your own refreshments.

Advance notice required. Deposits of £10.00 per person.

What could be more fun than getting pampered with your friends, Perfect for birthdays, hen nights… or just for fun…

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